Wet Rooms! A Quick & Impartial Guide

Wet Rooms! A Quick & Impartial Guide

Wet Rooms! A Quick & Impartial Guide

Considering a wet room? We breakdown some of the more finer details to think about before taking the wet room plunge!

After more years than we’d like to confess at being in the heating & plumbing industry, it’s fair to say we’ve installed our fair share of wet rooms. Seriously, it’s sort of a speciality of ours. And due to this we’ve seen pretty much everything wet room related. All shapes. All sizes. So, we thought it might be helpful to write a quick guide of all things wet rooms, including a few things you might want to consider before committing to one.

Can anyone have a wet room?

Well, technically… yes! Essentially a wet room is very similar to a shower room only it does away with the conventional shower area & instead the room is an open, tiled space. However, there’s a little bit more to consider than just this. First of all, lets weigh up the pro’s & con’s of a wet room.

Wet room installation pros:

  • We’ll just come right out and say it… they look pretty amazing. A start of a new project means you get a blank cheque to create a space exactly how you want it. Tiling options for a wet room have come on leaps and bounds in recent years meaning the variety & choice out there is great.
  • By getting the installation correct, you could be adding a lot of value to your home. It’s no secret that second bathrooms are highly sought after in properties & that could equal to a nice little bonus if you ever look to sell.
  • Space saving! This point really comes in to its own when you’re looking to transform a smaller bathroom. By upgrading your bathroom to a wet room you can find your self removing the traditional shower space and therefore leaving yourself with more room to play with!

Wet room installation cons:

  • Although you may find yourself saving space in a smaller bathroom, logistically it can cause a few more problems. Consider your towel storage for example, how can you ensure they will remain dry from the spray of the shower?
  • By transforming your main bathroom to a wet room you can find yourself limiting yourself to potential buyers (should you wish to sell). By only giving one option buyers may feel somewhat restricted & therefore narrowing your market to sell your property on to.

How much does a wet room installation cost?

So, the biggie – how much will it cost? This is a huge factor when considering whether to go ahead with a wet room installation. Prices vary dependant on the size of the room & the scope of the job. For example, if you’re wanting the company to completely design, source & install your wet room with can of course cost more. What the important thing to do is to source a few quotes from reputable companies. Do your homework and look at reviews on who you could be dealing with and ask for a clear pricing structure. Although this seems obvious, its very common for customers to be left baffled as to exactly what they’re paying for! For an example, take a look at our wet room offering directly here! As always, look for impartial sources to validate who exactly you’re working for! Fake reviews and referrals are more common than you think. As always, we would recommend visiting Which? Trusted Traders as a free & impartial way to check out whoever you choose to complete your work & you can find them here – http://trustedtraders.which.co.uk/

In short, a wet room installation is a huge move so be diligent & informed as to how is best to approach it! If you’re wanting a little more information on our own wet room installation service then why not get in contact with the team directly here or alternatively call us on 0151 372 0071



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