Gas Safety Week 17-23 September 2018

Catalyst are preparing for Gas Safety Week next week. We ALWAYS put our customers safety first and will be using next week to start a new initiative to ensure as a country we take the importance of Gas Safety and Carbon Monoxide more seriously. Stay tuned for more updates...............

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A Quick Guide To Plumbers In Liverpool

A Quick Guide To Plumbers In Liverpool Do you have a plumber in Liverpool? We were wondering who has a plumber in Liverpool they can call and rely on? Do you even know any plumbers? We think it would be a really good idea for all you folk out there to think about this! You [...]

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Wet Rooms! A Quick & Impartial Guide

Wet Rooms! A Quick & Impartial Guide Considering a wet room? We breakdown some of the more finer details to think about before taking the wet room plunge! After more years than we'd like to confess at being in the heating & plumbing industry, it's fair to say we've installed our fair share of wet [...]

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