Things To Consider When Looking For A New Boiler Installation In Liverpool

Things To Consider When Looking For A New Boiler Installation In Liverpool

Things To Consider When Looking For A New Boiler Installation In Liverpool

Why would you be looking for a new Boiler Installation?

Is your Boiler running efficiently? One way to know this is by ensuring your boiler has an annual service. During this your boiler is inspected and serviced to establish its efficiency and its safety.

  • This is a low cost service, which could potentially save you a lot of money on wasted energy!

If your boiler is old you may be looking towards replacing it. Yes this may seem like an unnecessary cost but did you know that the current standards of new boiler installations are highly efficient? In fact they can potentially hold as much as 70- 80% heating efficiency, saving you up to £350 per year, also the cost of a new boiler installation does not have to be an upfront cost, we can offer 0% finance packages on new boiler installations with up to a 10 year warranty on parts and labour.

Now it’s beginning to sound like replacing your old boiler for a new boiler installation makes a lot of sense.

So what’s next?

Which company should you choose for your Boiler Installation?

Lately we have seen rise in large passing companies offering exclusive boiler installations in Liverpool.

These companies can sometimes be at an advantage to smaller companies and business due to there large financial backing enabling them to order high quantities of boilers and materials, bulk buying which keeps their costs low resulting in smaller business finding it hard to keep up with the low cost of boiler installations packages. This seems very tempting though as why not pay out less we all want to keep our costs low, right?

However if you look at some of these large exclusive boiler installation companies you may find a management with no previous experience within the boiler installation (or gas) industry. A lot of this is again like we previously mentioned big financial corporate backed business jumping onto the bandwagon to make a quick buck through government funding or such like, however not necessarily having the customer service skills or employee/ industry knowledge in this field.

This is by no means saying the engineers carrying out the boiler installations for these companies are not qualified to a very high standard of skills involving boiler installations. We are only pointing out the overall problems, which could and have previously occurred with customers and boiler installations in Liverpool.

So what is the problem with hiring large companies offering cheap exclusive Boiler Installations in Liverpool?

We find lack of experience in this field can automatically have a knock on effect within a business, and can sometimes lead to disruption, unhappy employees and unhappy customers, and here is why: Employees are allocated times for boiler installations depending on experience and general individuality (some may be quicker than others) Through speaking and experience with such companies, a lot of the time engineers are booked time slots unsuitable for them due to inexperience of the people booking the jobs In for them and also lack of knowledge of the individual. Carrying out the boiler installation. This can lead to engineers working long hours, jobs going over agreed times and very stressful work environments for all involved.

This lack of  ‘personal touch’ can also mean larger companies are challenged at times to offer the level of good quality personal customer service, and a lot of the time the real decision makers are not available to discuss any concerns with their customers or offered a one to one.

Another reoccurring problem is the loss of keeping true to the company’s core values. I mean do they have them? Do they need them?
Large exclusive boiler installation companies have most of the time not built a solid reputation form scratch based on values and workmanship but have however built them up from large amounts of funding and management/business experience. We however know how important it is to keep every link to a business together as it is the foundations on building a strong work team and staying true to our core values. We never look at our employees as ‘money’ but rather as assets. The way any member of our team treat our customers should directly reflect who we are as a business. This is also a problem that we see in large exclusive boiler installation company’s, the people who are running the business are often unaware of the people who are employed for the company, we believe this could potentially compromise the link in the chain of quality workmanship and customer service. However you will find most local boiler installation company’s will be very aware who is apart of there team

Looking for Quality Boiler Installations Liverpool

If you are looking for a reliable service including quality workmanship as well as exceptional customer service here are a few thing we think you should add to your checklist:

  • Look for customer driven websites, like or trusted traders. This will offer you and insight into the customers experience with a company. Just because a company has the largest advertisement in a local paper does not necessarily mean they are the best choice.
  • Is the Boiler installation company in Liverpool or local to your area? If a company is based in other areas within the UK and specific to Liverpool or your area, this can sometimes mean the company has passed their work onto other contractors…and remember is the company’s priority there core values or is it just profit margin? If there is nothing but margin be wary of who they are passing there work onto, we all want value for money but none of us want a ‘cheap’ job doing.
  • Is the company consistent? Check out their social media, website and phone numbers. Are they current? Are you seeing consistency? This is also a good way of seeing other customer feedback from a social point of view and most likely some photographs of work completed.
  • Do they have good customer service skills? This I feel is of importance and I think crucial to finding a company to complete your boiler installation. It costs nothing for the person on the other end of the phone to treat you with the respect you deserve, you should feel at ease to ask any question and no question should go unanswered. They should arrive when they say and should return your call when asked. If a company cannot provide you with this service prior to your boiler installation can you imagine if you were to come across any problems once the work has been completed and paid for? 

Why Catalyst Energy for Boiler Installations Liverpool?

Catalyst Energy are a family run business with a combined experience of over 50 years in the plumbing and gas industry, and we have not only an excellent track record for boiler installations with our customers, but we also have an impeccable reputation and relationship with some of the country’s leading boiler manufactures…we know this can only lead to great things, like offering our customers very competitive rates on boiler installations, without having to compromise our customer service and workmanship.

Experts in Boiler Installations Liverpool 

We have been providing homes throughout Liverpool and Merseyside with our service for years and in that time we have gained the knowledge and the skills required to achieve the expertise in the field of boiler installations. Not to mention the outstanding reputation we have been given by all of our customers.

We not only offer our customers aftercare but before and during care also, from both a technical and a social level.

Our team members are highly trained and skilled in boiler installations, and we refuse to compromise our standards to make a quick buck.

We offer consistency, quality and reliability, and lets be honest this can sometimes be very hard to come by. This is why we are known as a reputable company for boiler installation in Liverpool … don’t believe us? Ask our customers! But enough of what we say, if you want to checkout some impartial & free resources to help you decide the best team for you, we’ve included some useful links for you below:

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