What to Consider When Looking For an Emergency Plumber in Liverpool

What to Consider When Looking For an Emergency Plumber in Liverpool

What to Consider When Looking For an Emergency Plumber in Liverpool


Emergency Plumbers Liverpool & why they’re important to get right


Have you ever had a plumbing emergency? Have you searched the Internet for emergency plumbers in Liverpool only to call them out and be charged a massive out of hours call out fee?

We know how frustrating this can be as after all this is an emergency, and it is a necessity, but is the high charge really necessary?

At Catalyst Energy we are always looking for ways our customers can save their hard earned cash, so here are a few good tips to finding the right emergency plumber in Liverpool.


Searching emergency plumbers in Liverpool


When you search for emergency plumbers in Liverpool, it will usually say there is no call out charge or fee, which is more than likely true, however I will guarantee this would not be the case in an emergency.

Most plumbers that are called in an emergency will charge a high rate call out fee. Why? Because out of hours means they usually have to pay an engineer/plumber extra (like over time) for working in their own time. This is more than fair, however we also know that in most cases the plumber/engineer will turn up and usually just isolate the problem until normal working hours resume. This is because to find and fit a part in out of hours will more than likely not be possible, because you guessed it… the Liverpool plumber’s merchants are also OUT OF HOURS…CLOSED.



So what should you consider when calling an emergency plumber in Liverpool?


  • First of all check the location of the company. Gas engineers or plumbers based in Liverpool will more than likely keep the cost down due to less travel time. An emergency plumber in Preston or Ormskirk could add on the cost of their fuel to your bill, so it makes more sense to call a Liverpool plumber if you live in Liverpool.
  • Take note of the issue you have. Are you able to isolate the problem yourself and wait for a more sociable hour? (Remember a plumber is more than likely only going to isolate the problem, not fix it!)
  • Always keep a level head. Stay calm during your plumbing/gas emergency and remember to ask details like ‘How much is your emergency call out fee?’ before committing to a particular company.


The Catalyst Energy Plumbers/Engineers will always try to help you keep a level head and talk you through isolating a problem first if this is possible.

We also find that some companies will charge an emergency call out fee to shut down a Gas supply, if a customer believes there is a hazard or can smell gas, only to send an engineer the following day to resolve the problem. This results in you paying out twice. In this scenario we would advise our customers to call National Grid (formally Transco Gas) they have a 24 hr. emergency line and will call out and shut down/ isolate your gas supply free of charge until you can get an engineer out to fix the problem.

We look at it this way; our aim is to provide all of our customers with a satisfaction guareentee. We want them to know we are a company that can be trusted and relied upon. We will send an emergency plumber, only when necessary. No matter what we will always keep in mind our customers and keeping their costs low while still providing them with the best service, gas engineers and plumbers in Liverpool.


Catalyst Energy is the Emergency Plumbers in Liverpool to call


At Catalyst Energy we will provide you with nothing but a 100% honest and reliable service.  All of our Gas engineers and plumbers in Liverpool are fully qualified and accredited to the highest standards

If you are looking for an emergency plumber in Liverpool we are the ones to call. Call us for a free magnet to put on your boiler/fridge with or contact number so when you have an emergency plumbing/gas issue you have our number to hand.

All of our Engineers are fully Gas safe registered, Which? approved and you can find us at the top of Plumbers Liverpool on checkatrade.


For all your plumbing and gas needs and for free advice, why not check out our emergency plumbing information section here of alternatively call us directly on 0151 372 0071. Alternatively below are a list of useful links to visit for more information about emergency plumbers in Liverpool


www.catalystenergy.co.uk – Gas safe registered engineers and water industry approved plumbers in Liverpool


www.Gassaferegister.co.uk – Provides a list of gas safe registered engineers in Liverpool


www.wras.co.uk – Provides a list of water industry approved plumbers in Liverpool


www.checkatrade.co.uk –  Provides a list of recommended and fully reviewed plumbers in Liverpool


National grid 24 hr Gas Emergency line – 0800 111999

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